KPPC’s Mandate

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) 224.46-305 et. seq. established KPPC in 1994 to facilitate and promote the implementation of pollution prevention technologies and procedures by providing technical assistance to business and industry. KPPC has executed this mandate by assisting clients to effectively implement source reduction technologies and practices that result in reduced environmental impact and operating expenses, which contributes to preserving and strengthening industry in Kentucky.


Per the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet remits a portion of the funds received by the Hazardous Waste Management Fund to KPPC each fiscal year.

This base funding that KPPC receives allows the Center to provide its core services and helps leverage state resources through federal grants to provide pollution prevention services to Kentucky.

More statutory information related to the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center:

KRS 224.46-320: Powers and duties of center
KRS 224.46-330: Pollution prevention fund
KRS 224.46-315: Powers and duties of the Board of Directors