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KPPC Annual Reports

With the Center’s support, Kentucky organizations are changing the way they operate, turning to less toxic materials use and realizing year-over-year reductions in operational expenses, making environmental sustainability a component of sound business practices. Through its pollution prevention technical assistance Annual-Report-Cvrsservices and outreach programs, KPPC has had a measurable impact on the state’s environmental and economic  performance.

We invite you to take a look at some of KPPC’s successful activities and outcomes in the most recent version of our Annual Report.


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Special Reports and Studies

KEEPS Status Reports

The KEEPS Status Reports serve as summaries of activities for KEEPS – Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program for Schools as well as operational cost reductions realized by Kentucky school districts that implemented energy management programs with assistance provided by KEEPS. View or download the pdf versions of the reports.



 KREC 25x’25 Roadmap for Kentucky

The KREC 25x’25 Roadmap for Kentucky report outlines an ambitious goal for the Commonwealth: “By the year 2025, Kentucky will use renewable energy and energy efficiency as means to get at least 25 percent of its total energy from improved technologies and renewable resources such as solar, wind, biomass and biofuels.”

View or download the pdf version KREC 25×25 Roadmap for Kentucky (PDF)


 KREC Legislative Prospectus

In the KREC Legislative Prospectus, the KREC Advisory Board set out an important part of its strategic vision for the energy future of Kentucky. The full 25x’25 Roadmap report (above) identifies targets and opportunities that can significantly accelerate the growth of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives within the state.

View or download the pdf version of the  KREC 25×25 Prospectus. (PDF)


 Kentucky’s Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Potential Overview

An Overview of Kentucky’s Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Potential. This report analyzes energy consumption in Kentucky’s residential, commercial and industrial sectors and estimates the environmental and economic impacts that energy efficiency could have in future energy demand. Published with support from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the study identified opportunities for increasing efficiency in all three sectors, which could save Kentucky more than $6.8 billion over the next 10 years – the equivalent of 300,000 households’ energy use each year.

View or download a pdf of the Potential Study Final Report – An Overview of Kentucky’s Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Potential.


KPPC Brochure KPPC General Info Brochure (PDF)

Download our two page general information brochure (PDF).




SSP Past Issues

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