Water Efficiency

Webinar Overview

Designed for production managers, facility engineers, plant managers and pre-treatment operators, this webinar explores the importance of water conservation and how to track and reduce water consumption. In this webinar, KPPC engineers discuss:

  • The impact of water conservation
  • Benefits of a process water management program
  • The importance of understanding your water bills
  • Tracking water usage
  • Water conservation opportunities
  • Case studies from companies who have implemented these opportunities successfully


This webinar is the first in a regional training series developed by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center to help guide facilities toward improvements in environmental performance and cost savings through implementation of pollution prevention opportunities.


Importance of Water Efficiency

Importance of Water Efficiency, Water Management and Resources

  • Presenter:  Edye Raymond, Engineer, KPPC
  • Duration:  21 minutes, 24 seconds.


Water Management Assessment

Assessment of Water Management

  • Presenters:
    • Edye Raymond, Engineer, KPPC
    • Andrew Carter, Engineer, KPPC
  • Duration:  34 minutes, 35 seconds.


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