Getting Started with CHP

Webinar Overview

This webinar is designed to highlight the first steps to determine if a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system would be feasible for your industrial or commercial facility.

The webinar consists of two parts:

Part 1: Reviews the requirements of a CHP qualification screening using actual data from a recent screening for a facility located in Kentucky.

Part 2: Evaluates the applicability of air quality regulations in Kentucky for various CHP scenarios and provides an overview of important requirements and compliance activities that facilities will have to follow to meet these regulations.

Each segment also addresses questions by the webinar attendees.

– Cheryle Eakle, Sustainability Engineer, KPPC
– Sreenivas Kesaraju, P.E., Engineering Consultant, Kentucky Division of Air Quality

Duration:  47 minutes, 53 seconds.

View or download a pdf of the January 29, 2015 CHP Webinar slides.

You can also view the videos and playlists on the KPPC YouTube Channel.

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