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The Archives

KPPC’s archives include a collection of past programs, publications and reports that can be viewed online or downloaded for printing.

The Center is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to afford those with disabilities equal opportunities to participate in all services, programs and activities. Those who have difficulty viewing content on this website with adaptive technology can call KPPC toll-free at (800) 334-8635, extension 8520965, or direct at (502) 852-0965.

Accommodation requests can also be submitted online.


KPPC Annual Reports

Read KPPC’s past Annual Reports.


Special Reports/Publications

Find special reports and other publications on KPPC’s Publications page.


SSP – Sustainable Solutions Post e-newsletters

View or download past issues of SSP.



KEEPS – Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program for Schools – Archives

KEEPS was a state-sponsored and federally funded program designed to help Kentucky public school districts reduce operating costs through improved energy efficiency. The program concluded activities in April 2012. The KEEPS archives contain online resources, e-newsletters and energy management tools.

View the KEEPS Archives.


KREC – Kentucky Renewable Energy Consortium – Archives

KREC was formed in 2005 by a federal direct appropriation to benefit the citizens of the Commonwealth by creating a unified statewide network to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in Kentucky. Funding that supported KREC ended in 2012 and the Consortium has concluded all of its program activities. The KREC archives contain online resources, e-newsletters and KREC publications.

View the KREC Archives.


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