KSMI Webinar 2 - Life Cycle Perspective



Recorded on January 11, 2018

This webinar provides an overview and framework for thinking about the product life cycle (LCP) and evaluating environmental and business aspects throughout the cycle.

Topics introduced:

– Product life cycles
– What is a product life cycle perspective?
– Practical approaches

Learning objectives:

– Obtain a framework for thinking about life cycle perspective
– Learn principles of life cycle thinking
– Develop approaches for incorporating LCP in your organization
– Initiate your thinking about sustainable manufacturing in preparation for Workshop 2

Presentation Info

Lissa McCracken, Executive Director, KPPC

Mark Toda, Sr. Sustainability Engineer, KPPC




[00:00] Introduction

[07:35] Sustainable Manufacturing

[08:39] Cradle to Grave

[10:39] Cradle to Cradle

[18:06] Life Cycle Thinking

[29:24] Life Cycle Assessment

[30:59] Product Life Cycle

[35:27] Sus-VSM (Value Stream Map)

[36:12] 6R Concept (Improve Performance)

[41:08] Sustainable Product Development

[43:42] Questions

[52:01] KSMI Resources

[53:09] Wrap-up / Next Actions


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If you would like a PDF copy of the presentation slides used during this webinar, please contact Mark Toda at KPPC.


Life cycle Assessment: Principles and Practice

Design for the Environment Life-Cycle Assessments


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems – Requirements with Guidance for use


University of Kentucky – Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing

Technological Elements of Circular Economy and the Principles of 6R-Based Closed-loop Material Flow in Sustainable Manufacturing

– I.S. Jawahir and Ryan Bradley