KSMI Webinar 1 - Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative


Recorded on November 8, 2017

This webinar provided an overview of sustainable manufacturing and outlined the purpose and elements of the Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative.

Topics introduced:

– Importance of sustainable manufacturing
– Business case for sustainable manufacturing
– Integrating sustainability in manufacturing operations and product development
– Life cycle thinking
– Overview of the Initiative’s training series, and provision for technical assistance

Learning objectives:

– Obtain a framework for thinking about sustainable manufacturing
– Learn principles of sustainable manufacturing
– Initiate your thinking about sustainable manufacturing in preparation for the training series

Presentation Info

Lissa McCracken, Executive Director, KPPC

Mark Toda, Sr. Sustainability Engineer, KPPC

Guest Speaker:

Dr. I.S. Jawahir, Director
Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing
University of Kentucky



[00:00] Introduction

[03:42] The Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

[18:00] Fundamentals of Sustainable Manufacturing

[42:05] KSMI Training and Technical Support

[55:27] Wrap-up / Next Actions

Questions and Answers

[40:01] How does the energy with cryogenic machining compare with traditional cutting fluid machining?

[41:20] Talking about the lean concepts, how are they applied to the energy and pollution prevention aspects?

[53:30] Are there state and local incentives to encourage and help businesses fund the journey down this path?

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If you would like a PDF copy of the presentation slides used during this webinar, please contact Mark Toda at KPPC.



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