KSMI Training Series - Module 1 Events

Webinar 1: Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

Recorded on November 8, 2017

This webinar provided an overview of sustainable manufacturing and outlined the purpose and elements of the Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative. 

Topics introduced:

– Importance of sustainable manufacturing
– Business case for sustainable manufacturing
– Integrating sustainability in manufacturing operations and product development
– Life cycle thinking
– Overview of the Initiative’s training series, and provision for technical assistance

Guest speaker:

Dr. I. S. Jawahir
Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing
University of Kentucky

“Evolution of Manufacturing to Sustainable Manufacturing”

Learning objectives:

– Obtain a framework for thinking about sustainable manufacturing
– Learn principles of sustainable manufacturing
– Initiate your thinking about sustainable manufacturing in preparation for the training series

View the recorded webinar and related information.


Workshop 1: Evaluating the Current State

November 16, 2017 at GE Appliance Park, Louisville, KY

The workshop presented key environmental challenges facing Kentucky manufacturers and focused on extending lean manufacturing practices to incorporate sustainability measures to better evaluate the current state environmental and business performance.

The business case for sustainable manufacturing was explored with a company case study.  Participants were engaged in working sessions to begin drafting or enhancing their sustainable value stream maps and in a discussion of the business case for sustainability.  A presentation and tour of sustainable manufacturing practices at the GE Appliance Park facility was included.

Topics addressed included:

– Kentucky environmental challenges
– Sustainable Value Stream Mapping (Sus-VSM) – an environmental perspective
– The business case for sustainable manufacturing
– Manufacturing facility host presentation and tour
– Case study using Sus-VSM

Download a copy of the workshop agenda. [PDF]

Benefits of participating:

– Understand key environmental challenges facing Kentucky
– Effectively evaluate current state environmental performance
– Identify opportunities for improved environmental performance
– Explore opportunity for business advantage through sustainability

The business case for sustainable manufacturing was a significant theme of the workshop. Engineering research ongoing at the J.B. School of Engineering at the University of Louisville was highlighted via a poster presentation showcase.

Workshop location:

GE Appliance Park
4000 Buechel Bank Rd.
Louisville, KY 40225

View an interactive map of the workshop location.