P2 Grant Web Sites


EPA National Pollution Prevention Grant Program

The purpose of the P2 grant program is to give state programs the capability to assist businesses and industries in identifying better environmental strategies and solutions for complying with federal and state environmental regulations. It also aims to improve business competitiveness without increasing environmental impacts. The majority of PPIS grants fund state-based projects for technical assistance, training, outreach, education, regulatory integration, data collection, research, demonstration projects and recognition programs.


EPA Grant Programs for Pollution Prevention

This program funds grants/cooperative agreements that implement pollution prevention technical assistance services and/or training for businesses and support projects that utilize pollution prevention techniques to reduce and/or eliminate pollution from air, water and/or land.


EPA Small Business Innovative Research Program Funding

The EPA is one of 10 federal agencies that participate in the SBIR Program established by the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982. The purpose of this act was to strengthen the role of small businesses in federally funded research and development and help develop a stronger national base for technical innovation.