ENERGY STAR Tools for Manufacturers


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Recorded on June 19, 2014

Duration: 51 minutes

This Webinar was presented for technical assistance providers to review ENERGY STAR resources that can benefit industry and discuss how tools can be used with their customers and clients.

The ENERGY STAR label is recognized as a symbol of energy efficiency for consumer products. But did you know there are over 130 ENERGY STAR certified industrial plants in the U.S.? Or that over 900 plants world-wide have taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, pledging to reduce energy intensity by 10% within 5 years?

For over 12 years, the US EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Industry program has been quietly working with manufacturers and industrial sectors to develop tools and resources that improve energy performance in the manufacturing sector. Today, the program offers a wide-range materials as well as recognition programs that manufacturers and technical assistance providers can all leverage.

If you are working with customers to develop stronger energy programs, employee engagement strategies, strategic energy management, or continuous improvement projects, then check out this recorded webinar.

Presentation Info


Walt Tunnessen
National Program Manager – Industry
U.S. EPA. – Washington, DC

Webinar Agenda:

  • Overview of ENERGY STAR for Industry program
  • Highlight tools and resources
  • Training and support
  • Questions & Answers


Presentation Outline:

  • ENERGY STAR Overview
  • The ENERGY STAR Approach
  • Program Pathways
  • Energy Management Guidance
  • Management Commitment
  • Industrial Partnership
  • Energy Program Evaluation
  • Energy Program Resources
  • Raise Awareness
  • Energy Bulletin Boards
  • Energy Treasure hunts
  • Success Stories
  • Benchmarking and Tracking
  • Industrial Focuses
  • Energy Efficiency Guides
  • Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs)
  • Recognition as a Tool
  • Energy Star Challenge for Industry
  • Training and Support