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Recorded on April 23, 2015

Duration: 55 minutes

For over 15 years, the US EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Industry program has worked with manufacturing sectors and companies to develop effective energy management tools and resources that drive savings. The focus of these tools is helping companies build stronger energy programs that support strategic energy management initiatives and finding no and low cost savings opportunities.

Recently ENERGY STAR has been exploring new ways to engage small and medium sized manufactures through local and regional networks. Southside Plant Performance, which was held in Danville, VA, is one example of how ENERGY STAR worked with a group of local manufacturers. This initiative helped the participating companies quickly identify energy savings opportunities while laying the foundations for better energy management practices.

In this webinar, Walt Tunnessen, National Program Manager of the ENERGY STAR Industrial program, shares about the results of the Southside Plant Performance project and how the Plant Performance with ENERGY STAR approach can be replicated.

Presentation Info


Walt Tunnessen
National Program Manager – Industry
U.S. EPA. – Washington, DC

Webinar Agenda:

  • Overview of ENERGY STAR for Industry program
  • What ENERGY STAR Offers
  • Plant Performance Process
  • Southside Plant Performance Initiative
  • Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers:

  • [42:11] Can a CEM do the verification for ENERGY STAR certification?
  • [43:58] Treasure Hunt slide revisit
  • [44:53] Are there any webinars or taped videos on the treasure hunt available?
  • [46:46] How can I get a sector added to the Sector Focus Area list?
  • [48:59] For a company just starting out, what would be the best place to start?
  • [52:53] Would someone from ENERGY STAR be available to come and talk about Treasure Hunts, if we were to do a workshop in our area?


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