Recognize Achievements

Step Seven

Many opportunities and existing programs are available to help recognize energy efficiency achievements in Kentucky facilities.

Key steps in providing and gaining recognition include:

    • Providing internal recognition to departments, management and employees for their contributions to reducing energy consumption.
    • Receiving external recognition from state and national governmental programs, non-profit organizations, the media and other third parties that reward achievement.

Refer to the Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management Overview for Step Seven: Recognize Achievements for more information.


Suggestions for recognizing achievement within a facility:
  • Consider sending an “Energy Report” to Energy Team members, administrators, management and employees featuring the top departments that have reduced energy consumption during the previous month.
  • Praise special events or activities at various facilities through newsletters, banners or during meetings.
  • Develop a facility energy award program. Recognize departments, management, employees and Energy Teams for their contributions to reducing energy consumption. Awards can be given based on energy performance metrics, submitted Energy Team projects, education and outreach activities, as well as overall environmental sustainability.
  • Host an Energy Awards luncheon/dinner where projects and awards are highlighted.
  • Leave reinforcement notes for management and employees who are conscientious about their energy use.
  • Use energy performance metrics and activities to promote the facility to the community.
  • Provide departments or employees with cash awards for improving energy performance metrics or for promoting special Energy Team activities.
  • Apply for recognition from external sources, such as KPPC and Energy Star.


Below is a summary of some of the recognition programs available to Kentucky facilities.

KPPC – Annual Environmental Sustainability Award
Each year KPPC recognizes a Kentucky organization with the Environmental Sustainability Award.  The award is based on the high level of sustainability achievements of one or more of its client organizations. Contact KPPC with questions about this opportunity or any other recognitions.

Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL)
The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection encourages facilities to complete voluntary environmental projects through KY EXCEL.  Participating facilities are given state-wide recognition and incentives.  To become involved or for more information, contact the Division of Compliance Assistance at 502-564-0323.

Energy Star Certification
Buildings and plants are eligible to earn the Energy Star award.  The number of Energy Star facilities in Kentucky is growing. To learn more about resources to assist Kentucky facilities with this process, contact:
Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence
Division of Energy Efficiency and Conservation
500 Mero Street, 6th Floor
Capital Plaza Tower
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-7192

U.S. Green Building Council: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC: LEED)
LEED is a certification process for green buildings created by USGBC and accredited by the Green Building Certification Institute.  Facilities are acknowledged internationally for LEED-certified buildings. To find out more about USGBC at the state level visit the USGBC Kentucky Chapter.

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