Implement the Action Plan

Step Five

To successfully implement the energy action plan, the facility’s energy manager and Energy Team needs to:

1. Create a communication plan
2. Raise awareness
3. Build capacity
4. Motivate
5. Track and monitor

Refer to the Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management Overview for Step Five: Implement Action Plan for more information.

1. Create a Communication Plan

Find creative ways to raise energy awareness throughout your facility.  Energy Star provides resources and ideas to help communicate your energy plan to your employees and clients.

Communicating your facility’s energy action plan is critical and will require an overarching transmission of information about the energy mission, policies and progress made with regard to energy consumption, such as energy reports. This level of communication will likely come from the administrative office and/or energy manager. Facility-focused policies and procedures may be the responsibility of the energy manager. The facility may also consider including public relations staff in communicating energy management goals and measures via newsletters, websites and external news media.

2. Raise Awareness

While the facility’s communication plan will serve to raise awareness on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, it is important to educate facility employees, clientele and the community-at-large about how their energy use impacts budgets, non-renewable resources and the environment. Targeting energy use during employee orientation programs, newsletters, Earth Day events and campaign themes will help build an energy-aware community.

3. Build Capacity

KPPC conducts workshops, webinars and training sessions for facility energy management teams throughout Kentucky.

Build in a training program to implement your energy action plan. Identify the types of training each department may need to successfully implement various energy efficiency opportunities. Provide the management, technical and educational aspects of these opportunities as needed. Encourage employees to contribute ideas and to communicate with their point of contact as the facility moves toward energy efficiency.

4. Motivate

The communication plan should include motivational aspects to provide continual feedback on successes and special recognitions. Some facilities use energy reports to highlight overall energy use reduction as well as individual department performance metrics. Placing a positive spin on the energy management program will help motivate employees to continually improve.

5. Track and Monitor

Develop an accountability system to monitor the Energy Team’s progress.  Track goals and deadlines, noting when the energy management program’s objectives are or are not being achieved.

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