Step Six

Periodic evaluation of your facility’s energy action plan will keep the energy team informed as to progress made on established goals, such as reductions in energy consumption and the energy performance opportunities implemented. Reviewing the action plan will further identify any efficiency measures that need to be modified or added to the action plan.  Key steps involved in evaluating progress include:

1. Measure results
2. Review action plan

Refer to the Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management Overview for Step Six: Evaluate Progress for more information.

1.    Measure Results

Comparing energy use and cost data monthly, seasonally and annually will help the energy team measure progress made from the baseline information gathered in Step Two.

Continually inputting data on an individual facility through U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Efficient & Renewable Energy (EERE) software tools or Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager will serve to benchmark progress on energy performance. It is important to review consumption and costs of the facility as well as for individual departments or pieces of equipment in order to evaluate progress.

Free Tracking Tools
  • Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager can be used to track a facility’s energy use and compare the facility’s energy performance to data collected from similar facility types on a national level.  A score ranging from 1 (low performance) to 100 (high performance) is assigned to the facility.
  • EERE offers a number of software programs and other specific tracking systems to help identify and analyze energy saving opportunities.  Among these tools, the Quick Plant Energy Profiler (PEP) and Integrated Tool Suite Software help facilities understand plant-wide energy consuming systems and energy purchases. The Industrial Facilities Scorecard helps operators make industrial facilities more energy efficient.


2.    Review Action Plan

Periodically review your energy action plan. Make revisions to the energy policy as needed, as well as any changes in overall energy goals.

Amend information regarding energy assessments. Review the no-cost, low-cost and capital project energy opportunities and identify key factors for success and/or missing targets. While reviewing the facility’s action plan, follow these key steps:

  • Get feedback from the Energy Team, management and employees.
  • Gauge awareness by noting behavioral changes made by employees.
  • Identify critical factors in the success of, or challenges to, implementing energy performance opportunities.
  • Recognize side benefits of the energy action plan, such as developing a culture of environmental sustainability, increasing employee involvement, positive community relations, etc.

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