Commit to Continual Improvement

Step One

To establish an effective comprehensive energy management program, organizations need to make a commitment to continual improvement by:

  • Hiring/appointing an Energy Manager/Coordinator
  • Establishing a Cross-functional Energy Team
  • Scheduling regular Energy Team meetings
  • Instituting an Energy Policy
  • Becoming an Energy Star Partner

Organizations that realize significant savings from energy management continually strive to improve their energy performance. Success is related to routinely assessing energy performance along with implementing steps to increase energy efficiency. Commitment to an energy management program is an essential component for achieving continual improvement that results in successful energy management outcomes.

Refer to the Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management for more information.

Step One Resources

The following resources were developed and/or compiled by KPPC engineers and sustainability specialists.

 Hire/appoint Energy Manager/Coordinator

Sample Position Description – Energy Management Supervisor  [PDF]

Establish a Cross-functional Energy Team

Forming a Cross-functional Energy Team  [PDF]

Schedule regular Energy Team meetings

Energy Team Meeting Agenda Items Example  [PDF]

Institute an Energy Policy

Sample Policies:
Akebono Brake Corporation Environmental Policy [PDF]
Policy Language Guide [PDF]

Become an Energy Star Partner

Partnering with Energy Star is a commitment to your employees and customers,  as well as to the environment.