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KPPC Presents at the KY Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Workshop

The Recycling and Local Assistance Branch’s Statewide Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Workshop was held on June 11 and 12 at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park in Jamestown, Kentucky.

The workshop provided an opportunity for local officials and solid waste SSP-jpeg-Waste-Iconcoordinators to learn about a variety of important solid waste and recycling topics and to become familiar with the Recycling and Local Assistance Branch staff.

Invited speakers covered subjects that ranged from household and e-waste to large scale industrial waste management.

Lissa McCracken, Executive Director of KPPC, presented an overview of KPPC technical services and how the Center works with its business and industrial clients to help them develop and use a systems approach for improving their source reduction, energy use and environmental performance.

Ms. McCracken said of the workshop, “It was a great opportunity to introduce KPPC’s services to the new coordinators and to reconnect with those who are familiar with the Center. The workshop allowed us to show how KPPC can help companies reduce the amount of waste going to landfills while encouraging expanded recycling.”


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Kentucky Communities Awarded $1 million in Federal Brownfield Grants

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Brownfield Redevelopment Program announced on June 4  that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has selected four projects in Kentucky for brownfield communitywide assessment grants and cleanup grants.

Brownfields are properties that are abandoned or underutilized due to SSP-jpeg-Brownfield-Photocontamination or the perception of contamination. They can include old factories, abandoned hospitals, old schools, former service stations and mine-scarred lands.

“These brownfield communitywide assessment and cleanup grants will enable the four Kentucky communities to move forward with cleaning and redeveloping contaminated properties, which will stimulate economic development, protect the environment and improve the lives of the people living in these communities,” said DEP Commissioner Bruce Scott.

Over the past nine years, with the help of the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program, Kentucky communities have received $9.3 million in EPA brownfield grants to help assess and remediate the estimated 8,000 brownfield properties in Kentucky. The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program offers assessment and grant review services, technical assistance and brownfield grant writing education to those communities and organizations that wish to revitalize properties with an environmental past.

Read the full press release at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection website.


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Kentucky Environmental Excellence Award Nominations Sought

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection is soliciting nominations for the 2015 Environmental Excellence Awards.

SSP-jpeg-Env-ExcellencThese awards were established to recognize the environmental leadership efforts and activities of individuals, businesses and organizations in the state. The DEP awards are in their sixth year and coordinated by the Division of Compliance Assistance to support the mission of recognizing and encouraging environmental stewardship in Kentucky.

The awards include three Environmental Pacesetter awards to recognize exemplary efforts to protect the environment, conserve resources and set an example of environmental stewardship. The Community Environmental Luminary Award highlights achievements in community-based environmental education and outreach. The Resource Caretaker Award focuses on efforts to conserve Kentucky’s resources. The KY EXCEL Champion Award recognizes a KY EXCEL member who has shown leadership in promoting positive environmental behaviors and the KY EXCEL program.

For more information about the awards program, KY EXCEL and to access a nomination form, visit the website or call the Division of Compliance Assistance toll-free at (800) 926-8111.

Read the full article in Surfky NEWS.


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A Special Thanks to KPPC’s Retiring Board Members

KPPC is governed by a board of directors that represents various facets of Kentucky state and local government, industry, agriculture, higher education, environmental protection and the community at large. Members are appointed by Kentucky’s Governor and serve for a specific term.

This month, three of KPPC’s board members are retiring from the board.

• Mr. Ray Dailey – represented the industrial community
• Ms. Joyce Evans – represented the at-large public, and
• Mr. Douglas C. Griffin – our board chairman

KPPC would like to thank the retiring members for their many years of outstanding service and dedication to the Center.


From Bank of America to Walmart, slashing energy in supply chains

by Amélie Goldberg – GreenBiz

More focused and wider-reaching supply chain sustainability efforts can pave the road to broader energy efficiency gains.

Small and medium-sized enterprises might make up the majority of the SSP-jpeg-SupplyTruckworld’s companies, but multinationals really wield the purchasing power.

It is this fact that is leading to the development of programs that can drive energy efficiency across global supply chains — from family-run factories all the way up to the chain stores that sell their goods.

Using the supply chain to drive down energy use is a hot topic right now, but actionable insights are still in their infancy. Carbon disclosure is growing in popularity, as evident by the recent success of CDP’s Supply Chain Program, which now counts members with a total of more than $2 trillion in purchasing power. But provoking real reductions across the whole supply chain remains a much thornier challenge.

Supply chain emissions often account for around 80 percent of the total carbon footprint of large, typically consumer-facing, corporations. Therefore, any action taken to reduce emissions has great impact.

Read the full article at GreenBiz.


See What’s New at ESRC

The Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) is a member of the Pollution Prevention ESRC-Logo120x120Resource Exchange (P2Rx™), a national network of regional information centers. The objective of the ESRC is to provide technical environmental sustainability information and training to industrial service providers in EPA Regions 3 & 4. The primary service area for the ESRC is EPA Region 3 & 4. Region 3 includes Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C., Delaware and Maryland. Region 4 includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. ESRC resources and staff are available to users in industry, consulting and universities. Please visit the ESRC website or call toll free (855) 531-3772 for more information.


GreenBiz – Sustainability News & Resources

GreenBiz advances the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. Through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research, GreenBiz promotes the potential to drive transformation and accelerate progress — within companies, industries and in the very nature of business.  Since 1991, GreenBiz has chronicled and been a catalyst for thought leadership in aligning environmental responsibility with profitable business practices.

Find the latest articles, videos and resources on the GreenBiz website.

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Upcoming Training, Events and Conferences

  • EPA Webinar: Portfolio Manager 101
    Get started using EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool. An introduction and demonstration of the core functionality of the Portfolio Manager tool, including how to enter properties, enter energy and water data, share data with others, and generate performance reports.
    June 22 at 1:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Webinar.
  • EPA Webinar: Portfolio Manager 201
    Take a deeper dive into the more advanced features of Portfolio Manager, such as managing changes in property uses over time, using spreadsheet templates to quickly upload data, setting goals, and creating custom reports.
    June 24 at 1:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Webinar.
  • EPA Webinar: Portfolio Manager 301
    With a good background on the basic functionality of EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® tool, learn about some advanced features including: using spreadsheet upload templates to update property data; setting goals and targets to plan energy improvements for properties; creating custom reports; and using the Sustainable Buildings Checklist.
    June 25 at 1:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Webinar.
  • Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago
    The annual Green Sports Alliance Summit is the largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability.
    June 29 – July 1Find out more about the Summit and how to register.


Ca.jpg-icon-SSPTo view these and other sustainability-related events, please visit the KPPC Events Calendar.


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