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Carbon Footprint Workshop in August

KY EXCEL and the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center will be co-hosting a free Carbon Footprint workshop at 3M-Cynthiana, a Master member of KY EXCEL, on Wednesday, August 31st.

KY EXCEL promotes voluntary environmental leadership by individuals, businesses and organizations looking to make a contribution to improving Kentucky’s environment. This full day workshop is intended to provide information that will support efforts in developing and conducting beneficial, environmentally and business conscious projects by incorporating pollution prevention and energy efficiency as part of routine business practices.

There will be sessions on calculating your carbon footprint, energy efficiency, building automation systems and alternative energy options in Kentucky. Lunch is not provided, however, attendees are invited to dine in the 3M cafeteria. A detailed agenda is currently being finalized and will be available soon.

Register for this event online.

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EPA Awards $182,000 in Environmental Education Grants for Kentucky

EPA-logo-jpg-The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the completion of grant awards under the 2015 Environmental Education (EE) Grants Program. EPA awarded $182,000 in grants to Kentucky Association for Environmental Education and Earth Force, Inc. under the 2016 EE Grants Program later this year.

Projects address a range of topics and audiences. The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education was awarded $91,000 to address the gap between scientific and popular understanding of climate change. Denver-based Earth Force was awarded $91,000 to implement their Green Schools Connects program within school districts in the state of Kentucky.

Read the news release at EPA’s website.

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LG&E and KU Roll Out New Commercial Solar Program

Solar Panels photoLG&E and KU Energy on Thursday, June 16, 2016 announced a new program to provide solar power to businesses and industrial facilities in Kentucky.

It’s the one that the utility has been working on since last year. In April, company officials said they wanted to tap the energy from the sun for larger businesses while ensuring that any extra costs won’t be subsidized by other customers.

Read the full article from the Courier-Journal.

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EPA Releases Solvents in the Workplace Guidance

Thousands of facilities use solvents in the workplace for many different purposes such as feedstocks, degreasing, cleaning, and more. However, hazardous waste determinations for spent solvents as well as unused solvents destined to be disposed are sometimes difficult to make.

Released in June 2016, this e-enterprise user-friendly guidance walks through a series of questions and answers that will help a facility determine if it may have generated a hazardous waste solvent. The guidance provides information to assist a facility in recyling or reusing its solvents which could reduce its waste management costs and the nation’s need for virgin materials.

Download the Solvents in the Workplace Guidance document (pdf).


Vehicle Tire Strategies and Technologies to Save Fuel

It’s easy to understand why tires are essential to a vehicle, but tires also play an important role in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Tires affect resistance on the road and, therefore, how hard the engine needs to work to move the vehicle. By maintaining proper tire inflation or investing in low rolling resistance or super-single tires, you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Whether you drive a light-duty (LDV) or heavy-duty vehicle (HDV), there is a tire strategy or technology to help you increase your miles per gallon (mpg).

Read more at the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Blog site.


New Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit

The West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum, a group of sustainability and environmental experts from all levels of government, just released its Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit, which is a great resource for any public or private organization looking to reduce the GHG footprint of their supply chain. The Toolkit is geared to environmental and purchasing leaders who are looking to reduce their organization’s carbon footprint.

Find out more about the Toolkit.


See What’s New at ESRC

The Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) is a member of the Pollution Prevention ESRC-Logo120x120Resource Exchange (P2Rx™), a national network of regional information centers. The objective of the ESRC is to provide technical environmental sustainability information and training to industrial service providers in EPA Regions 3 & 4. The primary service area for the ESRC is EPA Region 3 & 4. Region 3 includes Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C., Delaware and Maryland. Region 4 includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. ESRC resources and staff are available to users in industry, consulting and universities. Please visit the ESRC website or call toll free (855) 531-3772 for more information.

GreenBiz – Sustainability News & Resources

GreenBiz advances the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. Through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research, GreenBiz promotes the potential to drive transformation and accelerate progress — within companies, industries and in the very nature of business. Since 1991, GreenBiz has chronicled and been a catalyst for thought leadership in aligning environmental responsibility with profitable business practices.

Read this month’s P2 Impact column in GreenBiz, “Why water is more expensive than most companies think”.

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Upcoming Training, Events and Conferences

• EPA Webinar: Benchmarking Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Portfolio Manager
Learn how to track the progress of energy efficiency efforts and compare the energy use of wastewater treatment plants to other peer facilities across the country.
July 28 at 1:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Benchmarking Webinar.

• EPA Webinar: What You Should Know About Financing Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Learn how public sector organizations are improving energy efficiency with innovative solutions to financial barriers.
August 16 at 2:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Financing Webinar.

• EPA Webinar: Introducing Waste & Materials Tracking in Portfolio Manager
In addition to tracking energy and water consumption in Portfolio Manager, you can now track your building’s waste & materials management.
August 18 at 2:00 pm EDT – View more training opportunities and Register for the Tracking Webinar.


Ca.jpg-icon-SSPTo view these and other sustainability-related events, please visit the KPPC Events Calendar.


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