KEEPS Recorded Webinars

As part of the services it provided to Kentucky school districts, KEEPS offered several free online training opportunities that demonstrated how to make the best use of KEEPS tools and resources. In addition, these webinars direct attendees to resources provided by KEEPS partner organizations and showcase Kentucky school districts that have realized success through the seven-step Energy Star energy management framework.

Following are recordings of previously broadcast webinars hosted by KEEPS.


Keeping Focus: Energy Efficiency in Kentucky Schools
Learn about the Kentucky Energy in Education Collaborative as well as tools, resources and tips to help move Kentucky school districts forward with their energy management initiatives through April 2012.
Watch the Keeping Focus webinar.

Stakeholder Buy-in
Kentucky school districts share ideas about how to gain support for energy management programs through effective awareness campaigns and communications plans.
Watch the Stakeholder Buy-in webinar.

External Awards: Becoming a Leader in Energy Management
Learn how recognizing school district energy management program achievements sustains momentum and support for the program, establishes a sense of pride for district administrators, faculty, staff and students who dedicate their time, effort and energy to the program, and validates the program’s goals.
Watch the External Awards webinar.

Starting Student-led Energy Teams
Learn how to establish student-led energy teams throughout the school district, see examples of successful student-led energy teams and find out what resources are available to help build and maintain a successful energy team.
Watch the Student-led Energy Teams webinar.

Setting a Goal and Creating an Action Plan
Learn the value of setting energy performance goals, which help school districts measure their energy program’s work and progress and focus efforts to develop an effective energy action plan.
Watch the Setting a Goal webinar.

Managing a School’s Outside Air Exchange for Indoor Air Quality
This webinar offers guidance on the proper management of a school’s indoor air quality (IAQ), which affects the energy performance of the school building as well as the health and well-being of the school’s most precious commodity – the students.
Watch the School’s Outside Air Exchange webinar.

Using School Energy Competitions to Drive Energy Savings
See how energy competitions among schools within the district generate interest in district-wide energy-saving initiatives. This webinar also features demonstrations of the KEEPS Energy Report Card and the KEEPS Energy Checklist energy performance assessment tools.
Watch the Using School Energy Competitions webinar.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager: Benchmarking for Kentucky’s K-12 Schools
Learn how to use the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool to track, verify, benchmark, report and target improvements for facility energy usage across your school district’s entire portfolio of buildings in a secure, online environment.
Watch the Energy Star Portfolio Manager webinar.

Best Energy Management Practices for Facility Operating Systems
This webinar features the latest research in cost-effective, energy-efficient school design, strategies for managing a school district’s facility controls as well as energy performance issues and trends discovered from more than 100 on-site energy efficiency assessments conducted by KEEPS in school districts across Kentucky.
Watch the Best Energy Management Practices webinar.

School Shutdown Energy Management Procedures
Learn about energy and cost savings realized through shutdown procedures of key operational components such as HVAC, lighting and plug load during short-term and long-term breaks throughout the school year.
Watch the School Shutdown Energy Management Procedures webinar.

Student Engagement in Sustainability Initiatives
Representatives from the Campbellsville Independent School District and the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative share best practices for how to engage K-12 students in energy and sustainability initiatives.
Watch the Student Engagement in Sustainability Initiatives webinar.