Sustainable Value Stream Mapping for Spirits, Brewing and Wine Making Webinar



Recorded on April 11, 2019

Duration: 51 minutes

This webinar presents a tool developed by the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC), specifically for the beverage industry, to calculate energy use ratio (energy use per production unit) and Scope 2 GHG emissions per production unit. An example using actual data results from a distillery is presented.

The majority of the webinar provides an overview of sustainable value stream mapping (Sus-VSM). Sus-VSM is an approach to overlay sustainability data on the value stream of a business to visualize and identify opportunities for improvement in sustainability performance and cost savings.

In 2019 the Kentucky Sustainable Spirits Initiative is focused on incorporating energy data. Then in 2020 the focus will be on water use, materials and waste. Sus-VSM examples are presented to highlight the application of the sustainable value stream mapping process.

Learning objectives:
– Understand how to use the EUR/GHG calculator
– Understand how to develop a sustainable value stream map with energy data



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Presentation Info


Lissa McCracken, Executive Director
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Mark Toda, Senior Sustainability Engineer
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Robyn Whitted, Pollution Prevention Specialist
KDEP Division of Compliance Assistance



[00:01] Introduction

[02:37] KY EXCEL and Sustainable Spirits

[04:55] Webinar Overview

[07:19] EUR & GHG Emissions Ratios

[09:04] EUR-GHG Calculator

[20:15] Sustainable Value Stream Mapping (Sus-VSM)

[41:29] Examples: Distillery / Brewery

[48:02] Wrap-up / Q&A

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Webinar Related Downloads

> PowerPoint presentation slides [PDF]

> KPPC SSBI Calculator [Excel spreadsheet]

Note: The KPPC SSBI Energy Use and Emissions Calculator spreadsheet must be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Excel to be fully functional. The spreadsheet contains unprotected cells for data input and protected cells for calculated data that cannot be altered.


KY EXCEL Sustainable Spirits

The Division of Compliance Assistance, in collaboration with the Kentucky Distillers Association, have created the Sustainable Spirits Initiative to bring members of the industry together to discuss and share their experiences about current environmental issues and aspire to shape future opportunities for this sector.

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