KSMI Webinar 4 - Sustainable Product Development



Recorded on April 12, 2018

This webinar addresses the basic principles of sustainable product development, and explored how manufacturers can evaluate the sustainability performance of their current products as well as enhance the performance of future products throughout the product life cycle.

Topics include:

– Total life cycle considerations in product design for sustainability
– 6R’s of sustainability
– Product sustainability assessment
– Product sustainability index

Learning objectives:

– Understand sustainability implications of product design characteristics
– Evaluate product performance throughout the life cycle
– Develop a framework to assess product sustainability performance

Presentation Info


Lissa McCracken, Executive Director, KPPC

Mark Toda, Sr. Sustainability Engineer, KPPC

Guest Speaker:

Dr. I.S. Jawahir, Director
Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing
University of Kentucky



[00:00] Introduction

[01:54] Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (KSMI)

[08:03] Introduction to Sustainable Product Development

[14:48] Sustainable Product Development

[51:04] Q&A / Wrap-up


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If you would like a PDF copy of the presentation slides used during this webinar, please contact Mark Toda at KPPC.



Lean Manufacturing and the Environment



Life Cycle Management – A Business Guide to Sustainability
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)



Total Life-Cycle Considerations in Product Design for Sustainability: A Framework for Comprehensive Evaluation



Product Sustainability Index (ProdSI) A Metrics-based Framework to Evaluate the Total Life Cycle Sustainability of Manufactured Products