KPPC's Calendar of Events

Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference
Oct 7 – Oct 10 all-day

The Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) is the premier international conference focused on understanding human behavior and decision making and using that knowledge to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. Currently in its 12th year, BECC is associated with a growing set of allied conferences in Europe and Asia.

BECC draws a broad mix of attendees:

– Researchers (e.g., economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, management, law, humanities, and interdisciplinary)
– Decision makers (e.g., from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as legislators, and regulators)
– Practitioners (e.g., utilities, planners, consultants, manufacturers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, marketers, and purchasers)
– Influencers (e.g., community organizers, nonprofit leaders, media, religion, and entertainment professionals)

Behavioral research insights can help:

– Find real energy savings that will benefit the economy, security, and the environment
– Accelerate climate-friendly innovation via appealing, user-focused design, effective management, and fast social diffusion
– Increase the benefits and decrease the costs of energy-oriented policies and programs
– Improve the analytic models that guide our vision for the future

Visit the BECC conference website to find out more.

VERGE 18 conference – Where Technology Meets Sustainability @ Oakland Convention Center
Oct 16 – Oct 18 all-day

The VERGE 18 conference and expo is the platform for accelerating a clean economy. The event convenes a high-powered audience of more than 2,500 leaders — from companies and utilities, city and regional governments, policymakers, NGOs, solution providers and startups — to explore scalable solutions at the intersection of technology and sustainability within three dynamic and influential markets: clean energy, transportation and mobility and the circular economy.

This year, three concurrent VERGE 18 conferences are being offered: VERGE Circular, VERGE Energy and VERGE Transport. Each conference offers deeper, focused learning opportunities and networking experiences.

Find out more and register.

2018 Rural Energy Conference @ Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
Oct 22 all-day

Small towns and rural countryside make up three fourths of the land area in the United States and are home to 14% of the total US population. Rural America, defined as areas with a population of less than 50,000, is also a way of life with a proud and independent culture all its own. Just as rural and small-town America’s lifestyle is unique to its geography, so too are its energy, economic, and societal challenges.

The 2018 Rural Energy Conference, is a one-day, multi-track conference that will precede the two-day annual meeting of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA). It will convene leaders from industry, utilities, cooperatives, non-profits, academia, and all levels of government to discuss how energy efficiency technologies and programs can help rural America leverage its unique characteristics for economic growth and social equity.

The inaugural Rural Energy Conference will feature plenaries and panels on the three tracks: Energy Efficiency Programs, Energy Burden & Equity, and Economic  Development.

To find out more about the conference and how to register, visit the ACEEE 2018 Rural Energy Conference website.