KPPC's Calendar of Events

Environmental Management Systems: A Tool for Sustainability @ Univeristy of Texas - Arlington
Dec 12 – Dec 15 all-day

This updated course specifies general requirements and guidelines of the new ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system (EMS) standard. A fully implemented EMS will provide reasonable assurance of minimal negative environmental impact, improved environmental performance and sustainable growth. EMS can be utilized as a launching pad to move organizations towards sustainability through environmental source reduction, self-regulation and continuous improvement.

Topics include:

* Understand the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 standard
* Understand the importance and benefits of an environmental management system
* Understand how the EMS interacts with organization’s processes
* Understand how the EMS improves environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste
* Auditing to standard’s requirements
* How to identify nonconformities

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Portfolio Manager® 201
Dec 19 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Energy Star Logo

Continue to learn about EPA’s new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, with a deeper dive into more advanced functionalities such as: managing and tracking changes to your property uses over time; using spreadsheet templates to update property data; setting goals and targets to plan energy improvements for properties; generating and using custom reports; and using the Sustainable Buildings Checklist.

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Portfolio Manager® 301
Dec 21 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Energy Star LogoWith a good background on the basic functionality of EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® tool, learn about some advanced features including: using spreadsheet upload templates to update property data; setting goals and targets to plan energy improvements for properties; creating custom reports; and using the Sustainable Buildings Checklist.

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KSMI Webinar 2: Life Cycle Perspective (LCP)
Jan 11 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

This free webinar will provide an overview and framework for thinking about the product life cycle (LCP) and evaluating environmental and business aspects throughout the cycle.  A company spotlight will also be included.

Topics to be introduced:

– Product life cycles
– What is a product life cycle perspective?
– Practical approaches

Benefits of participating:

– Obtain a framework for thinking about life cycle perspective
– Learn principles of life cycle thinking
– Develop approaches for incorporating LCP in your organization
– Initiate your thinking about sustainable manufacturing in preparation for Workshop 2

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KSMI Workshop 2: Envisioning the Future State @ GE FirstBuild
Jan 25 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

This workshop will focus on innovation and product development, by first learning to incorporate life cycle thinking into environmental management systems such as ISO 14001:2015 to help identify opportunities for innovation.

Participants will be engaged in working sessions to begin drafting strategies for sustainable product development within their operations.  There will be an overview of the Toxics Release Inventory database and how manufacturers might utilize and benefit from it. Research capabilities at the University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering will also be presented and poster presentations will be available to review with opportunities to connect with research groups and individual faculty.

Topics to be addressed will include:

– Kentucky Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
– ISO 14001:2015
– University research to enhance sustainability
– Sustainable product development
– Manufacturing host presentation and tour

Benefits of participating:

– Understand how TRI data can benefit manufacturers
– Learn approaches to effectively incorporate LCP into ISO 14001:2015 plans
– Identify potential university-based research opportunities
– Learn and draft approaches to incorporate sustainability in product development

Approaches for incorporating sustainability into new product development processes will be a major emphasis of this workshop.

Cost to attend is $35 per person (credit card only) and includes continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks at the facility. Professional development hours (PDH) will be available for all workshop attendees.

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EPA National Stormwater Calculator Update
Jan 31 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

National Stormwater Calculator for Managing Runoff Using Green Infrastructure: Addition of a Cost Module and a Mobile Web App

EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources research program provides the science and innovative technologies that the Agency and the nation need to maintain drinking water resources and systems, as well as to protect the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nation’s waters. It uses an integrated, systems approach to support the availability of the clean, adequate, and equitable water supplies necessary for human well-being and resilient aquatic ecosystems.

You can view the Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Strategic Research Action Plan at

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KSMI Webinar 3: Culture for Innovation to achieve Sustainability
Feb 8 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

This free webinar is part of the Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (KSMI) training series and will provide an overview of key cultural ingredients within organizations to facilitate and enhance sustainable manufacturing performance. Examples from companies who have been successful will be presented.

Topics to be introduced:

– Employee engagement approaches
– Lean culture extended to sustainability
– Best practice examples

Benefits of participating:

– Learn key cultural aspects to enhance sustainability
– Engage employees, and generate ideas to enhance sustainability
– Facilitate teamwork, enhance morale
– Identify and establish daily operational improvement approaches


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Global Waste Management Symposium 2018 @ Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa
Feb 11 – Feb 20 all-day

North America’s #1 technical conference for the presentation of applied and fundamental research and case studies on waste management. This year’s GWMS program will be more comprehensive than ever, delivering the critical content and research that you need to know—and that warrants the two-year wait. Industry experts will be covering the topics you that you asked to learn more about.

Whether your objectives are to learn more about the breakthrough research and world-class content, to network with solid waste professionals and decision-makers from around the world, or to find solutions to your biggest challenges, you know that GWMS is the event to accomplish them.

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Plastics Recycling 2018 @ Gaylord Opryland
Feb 19 – Feb 21 all-day

Where Plastics Recycling Moves Forward

Plastics Recycling 2018 is the focal point for the increasingly complex and international plastics recycling industry. The event, now in its 13th year, brings together plastics reclaimers, equipment manufacturers, brand owners, brokers, government officials and leading sustainability voices from around the globe to deepen connections and push the sector forward. Don’t miss out on the industry event of the year.

The 2018 conference will offer presentations, panel discussions and Q&As featuring leading industry executives, relaimers and associations. The exhibit hall is expected to include more than 225 booths. The 2017 conference, held March in New Orleans, attracted nearly 1700 attendees from 40 countries and nearly 200 exhibitors from all sectors of the plastics recycling industry.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new faces, close deals and hear the information you need to know to keep your business ahead of the rest.

Why You Should Attend Plastics Recycling 2018

Learn how to take advantage of the current market to maintain and grow your business from the leading experts in the field of plastics recovery and utilization. Speakers will present extensive and detailed industry assessments, including analyses of trends in the U.S. and Canada, plastics collection issues, recycling market factors, and legislative and policy considerations.

Connect with over 200 companies in the industry showcasing their products and services in the exhibit hall. Exhibiting companies include, but will not be limited to, collectors and reclaimers, buyers and brokers, equipment producers, waste haulers and industry trade associations.

Network with clients, prospective partners, colleagues, vendors and industry leaders all in one location. Meeting everyone in one venue will save you precious time and travel expense.

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