Regional Seminar on Smart Manufacturing – University of Louisville

November 29, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Kentucky/Louisville Timezone

Let us join forces to advance America’s next industrial revolution.

A new industrial revolution is taking place. At the forefront is the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) that is helping manufacturers of all sizes, and across all industry sectors, with bringing together information and operations technologies built on the open SM PlatformTM.

The goal is to create radically smarter, more productive, and energy-efficient production systems and domestic supply chains across American industry, while empowering workers from the plant floor to the C-Suite with actionable information for real-time decision-making. This transformation aims to unlock the true potential of our people, processes, and technology by transcending barriers of cost, risk and accessibility.

We welcome you to attend this seminar to find out more about CESMII’s key strategic objectives and near-term technology road map. Learn how you can participate in:

(a) advancing the four paradigms underpinning Smart Manufacturing—Business Practices, Enabling Technologies, Platform Infrastructure, and Workforce Development and;

(b) developing and deploying your own products and solutions built on the revolutionary SM PlatformTM ecosystem in your industrial settings to achieve new cross-industry benchmarks for radically improving safety, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, operational performance, and economic productivity.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in Smart Manufacturing technology, R&D and workforce development is welcome to join us. CESMII supports industry-university projects in the following areas:

– Modeling, validation, workflows, and cyber-physical systems
– Process and Controls: interoperability, predictive analytics, monitoring, and enterprise security
– Sensors: Big/Smart Data, IoT, plug-and-play, data exchange, and hardware and software
– Modeling/Machine Learning/Analysis: real-time collection, machine and deep learning
– Business Practices and Workforce Development: best practices, gaps, certification, curriculum, skills, and competencies

View the agenda to find out more.

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Regional Seminar on Smart Manufacturing
University of Louisville
2210 South Brook Street,
Shumaker Research Building, Room 139
Belknap Campus
Louisville, KY 40208

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