Spray Paint Efficiency Training



Recorded on March 28, 2019

Duration: 67 minutes

This webinar addresses EPA’s 6H surface coating regulation and the spray efficiency techniques required. Companies implementing spray efficiency have saved from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in paint and maintenance costs on a yearly basis.

Become more familiar with 6H and learn how simple technique refinements can improve paint quality and maximize transfer efficiency. This webinar will benefit painters, supervisors, trainers and technical assistance providers. It also offers the opportunity to receive a certificate of course completion for painters valid for five years from the date of issue.

This webinar was presented through U.S. EPA funding by:

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) / Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR)

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Center (PPRC)

Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC) / Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC)

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Ken Grimm, Industry Outreach Manager
Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)

Lissa McCracken, Executive Director
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center


  • [00:01] Session Introduction
  • [04:37] NESHAP Standard Requirements
  • [17:00] Variables Affecting Spray Efficiency
  • [10:48] Transfer Efficiency
  • [25:38] Spray Techniques
  • [29:30] Gun Setup
  • [40:20] Spray Distance
  • [45:42] Spray Angles
  • [49:03] Lead and Lag
  • [52:47] Banding
  • [54:08] Benefit of Efficiency Improvement
  • [57:30] Record Keeping
  • [58:29] Technical Resources
  • [60:00] Questions / Wrap-up


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STAR: Increased Profits through Efficient Spraying [PDF]