KPPC's Student Engineer Co-op Program

KPPC’s Co-op Program

KPPC offers J.B. Speed School engineering students an opportunity to gain “real-world” experience in the rapidly growing field of environmental sustainability.

As a co-op with KPPC, students may work with business and industry clients, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations on sustainable solutions to environmental issues, including waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. A co-op experience at KPPC  includes activities such as learning to perform sustainability assessments, conducting workshops and training sessions, developing web-based resources and more.

KPPC offers its co-op students a variety of opportunities in…
• Sustainability Assessments
• Training, Workshops, Webinars
• Technical Information
• Web-based Research and Resource Development

Caitlin Johnson, a former KPPC Co-op student engineer and completed a Masters in Environmental Engineering at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering.

Being a co-op with KPPC has given me invaluable work experience that I would not have received anywhere else. I was exposed to a wide spectrum of professional environments and given opportunities to work with, mentor and lead others. I became a part of a family where working was enjoyable because I knew I was making a difference in our state.

Another J.B. Speed School of Engineering student Jon Hughes, who majored in Chemical Engineering, came to KPPC as a co-op because of his interest in energy efficiency.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with many different clients and to help find ways to lower their energy costs.” Jon says that the experience he gained at KPPC has been a valuable asset for career development.

Brandan Burfict, an Environmental Engineer with the Kentucky Division for Air Quality and a former co-op student for KPPC says:

My co-op experience has helped tremendously with my career. It was very easy for me to make the transition as a lot of work that I did as a co-op is a lot of the same type of work I do now. I was able to learn very quickly the “in’s and out’s” of environmental engineering because I had a good foundation of learning and experience from KPPC. I would highly recommended KPPC to any student that wants an exceptional learning experience.”


Learn More…

Contact KPPC at (502) 852-0965 or online to learn more about co-op opportunities and how to apply.