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Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive marketplace, leading organizations recognize that in order to succeed, sustainability must become an essential part of their business strategy. Having a strategic plan for sustainability will not only improve your environmental performance, but can lower your costs and drive efficiency and innovation across the enterprise.

KPPC, a state-supported, non-profit resource center, offers Kentucky businesses and organizations a unique opportunity to take advantage of engineering services at very low, or no cost.


KPPC Can Help Your Business With:

  • Pollution Prevention – P2 / Source Reduction Assessments
    Pollution Prevention (P2) means reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques and re-using materials rather than putting them into the waste stream.
  • Energy Efficiency – E2 / Systematic Approach
    Energy Efficiency (E2) is the organized and systematic coordination and management of the procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy. The term describes actions taken to manage the use and cost of energy and to maximize Energy Efficiency.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing / Improved Environmental Performance
    Drive efficiency, reduce costs, and spur innovation by integrating sustainability into day to day manufacturing operations and new product development from a life cycle perspective.
  • GHG Emission Reductions / Carbon Emissions Management
    Improving carbon emissions begins with a good understanding of a baseline carbon footprint and then identifying and quantifying opportunities for GHG emissions reduction.


And more.


The Benefits of Working With KPPC

KPPC’s customized on-site assessments, training and technical services can help you identify opportunities to develop a sustainable business and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Here are just a few of the benefits…

  • Lower your costs by systematically improving efficiencies in production and distribution processes – reduce energy use, water and material waste, reduce packaging and shipping costs and recycle or reuse materials
  • Develop and promote sustainable business practices that increase worker productivity, reduce employee turnover, encourage employee ownership of efficiency efforts and promote organizational behavioral change
  • A sustainability strategy can improve your company’s market position and brand value by enhancing your public image as a responsible steward of the environment


Recognition as a sustainability leader in the community can raise your company profile with clients and increase your access to grants, capital sources and new investment opportunities.

“A company that has a positive environmental reputation has a competitive advantage”

Find out how KPPC’s confidential and non-regulatory technical services can help your business lower operating costs and become a sustainability leader in your community.

To get started, and learn more about opportunities available for your Kentucky-based business, contact KPPC at (502) 852-0965 or online.

Programs and Initiatives

UofL Industrial Assessment Center

Providing no-cost energy assessments and support to eligible small & medium size manufacturers in an industrial region spanning parts of five states—including Kentucky, southwest Ohio, southern Indiana, southeast Illinois and north central Tennessee while educating engineers in energy and water resource conservation.

Find out more about the University of Louisville Industrial Assessment Center (ULIAC).

Building Operator Certification

Building Operator Certification (BOC) is a nationally recognized, competency-based program focusing on energy-efficient building operations and preventive maintenance procedures. The program will train facility personnel to understand how their building systems work together, and how to bring them to their most efficient level of operation.

Learn about optimizing building performance with BOC.

Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

The Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (KSMI) is designed to assist manufacturers with learning how to integrate sustainability into day to day manufacturing operations and new product development from a life cycle perspective in order to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and spur innovation and new product development across the enterprise.

Discover ways to enhance your business through sustainable manufacturing.


More Technical Resources

Online resources available for your business or organization.

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Energy Management Process Seven Steps Guide


KPPC Co-Op Program for J.B. Speed School Engineering Students

KPPC offers its co-op students a real-world experience in sustainability engineering.

Learn more about the Co-op Program.


Client Success

Take a look at client success stories and case studies.

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