‘Getting to the Bottom of Stream Health’ workshops announced

SSP-jpeg-KY-Energy-LogoIn today’s busy world it’s hard enough to keep up with our own personal health, much less the health of a stream. However, our own health is very dependent on stream health, whether it be our physical health through the water we drink or our mental health through water we use for recreation. You might go to a doctor for your personal health, but when it comes to stream health the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) has the information you need. There are many ways you can get information about the health of a stream. One very handy way is to get the newly-developed Stream Health Pocket Guide.

What is the Stream Health Pocket Guide? It’s a waterproof brochure that introduces you to a few of the things that can affect the health of our water; it tells you places you can go for more information on the health of your water; it even tells you how to collect your own stream health information, as well as things you can do to protect and improve the health of your stream.

Get one free and learn a lot more at an upcoming Getting to the Bottom of Stream Health Workshop [PDF] during Water Week [PDF] in Kentucky. In addition to learning new and interesting things about stream health, you can become Project WET Certified at one of these workshops if you aren’t already.

View the full article for more information on the Naturally Connected blog by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Go directly to the workshop registration form. [PDF]


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